...I attended your Bartender Training Institute last summer and want to take the time out now to say not only thank you, but also to praise your school.

It was one of the best things I have ever done -- money well spent.

Your course definitely gave me a head start and allowed me to hit the ground running once I started bartending.

If I didn't take the class, I would never be bartending, there is just too much to know and without the class I would be lost...

--- Jay


...Thank you for a most wonderful experience!

Because of your support (and great classes!) I am working doing private parties and having a great time.

Your faith in me made all the difference...

-- Pattye


...A quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed your Bartender course.

I came away feeling very informed, and to get value for my money, was a very satisfying feeling.

For that, I thank you. However, equally important was the fun I had in all my classes.

Thanks to them, I feel armed for this job and look forward to making money...

-- Paula


...I not only learned how to prepare over 100 drinks, I had fun doing it.

Thanks for the experience...

-- Joanne


..I got a job bartending 2 days after I graduated from your school.

Thank you for all your help...

-- Frank


...Your instructors are not only knowledgable but obviously enjoy doing it.

They made your classes not only a learning experience but fun at the same time...

-- Tom